Home care

Home and community services support people of all ages who require care in their home, at school or in the community.

Seniors, and people with complex medical conditions, can often stay in their own homes if they have some support.

If you qualify, the Ontario government pays for a wide range of services in your home and community.
If you don’t qualify for funding, you can get help from private companies for a fee.

How to arrange private home care and community services

Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) arrange all government-funded services for seniors living at home. CCACs are responsible for deciding who receives care, the level of care you need and for how long. CCACs do not arrange care through a private company.

To start this process:

1. Call your Community Care Access Centre

You will be introduced to a case manager or care coordinator.
To contact your local CCAC:

2. Check if you qualify for government-funded services

Your case manager will determine if you qualify.
If you don’t qualify for government funded care, you can arrange and pay for services through a private company. Your CCAC can help you find private services in your community.

This information is care of The Ontario Seniors' Secretariat

NHI is a health care agency with professional and compassionate Personal Support Workers, Registered Nurses or Registered Practical Nurses to assist with personal care or more complicated nursing care in Long Term Care Facilities, Hospitals and Private Homes.


If you are at home and require care, it may be very likely depending on your personal situation that you may require further assistance beyond the limited CCAC funding.  You can call NHI to purchase private homecare, over-and-above CCAC funded services. You may have already exhausted your CCAC funding and still require personal assistance at home.  NHI paid private services allow you to customize your services so you can build the exact type of care plan a using specific care providers of your own choice.  

NHI is a Canadian owned and operated business since 1985 and offers service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in over 70 languages across the GTA. NHI is proudly accredited from Accreditation Canada and has been awarded the Consumers Choice award for Excellence in Nursing Services.

To book a one of NHI's health care providers please contact us by phone at 416-754-0700, by email at staffing@nhihealthcare.com  or visit our website at www.nhihealthcare.com  for more information.